Jinpin electrical appliances to participate in "the 120th Canton Fair"
release time:2016-05-03

The first session of the 119th Canton Fair ended last week, yesterday from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce learned that the preliminary statistics Zhuhai sub-group exhibitors export turnover of 650 million US dollars, up 3.5% over the previous year; of which brand exhibition export turnover of 546 million US dollars, Accounting for 84% of the total turnover.
It is understood that the current Canton Fair a total of Zhuhai sub-booth 278, 113 exhibitors. One of the 10 brand enterprises, namely, "Gree Electric", "BDO Runda", "Jinpin electrical appliances", "An Yu Digital", "Bullock", "Eastcompeace", "Tianwei Pegasus" Bullock US kitchen and toilet, "" soft electrical "," all tools "brand booth 72.
(Export turnover of 188 million US dollars, accounting for 29%) and the Americas (export turnover of 1.88 billion US dollars, accounting for 30% of the total turnover of the first half of the export market, Accounting for 29%). Export turnover of small household appliances such as "Gree" air-conditioning export turnover of 340 million US dollars, accounting for 52%; "BDO Runda" small household electrical appliances export turnover of 78.62 million US dollars, accounting for 12% "Digital TV export turnover of 69.85 million US dollars, accounting for 11%.